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Learn to ride like a real stunt guy!! only $500 per hour


This is an actual ad on the SF Bay Area Craigslist site:

    Learn to ride like a real stunt guy!! only $500 per hour

    With my expert training you to can ride on top and inside passenger trains! Lessons only $500 per hour. We can ride local bart trains or whatever, you decide. Please only top street type liter bike stunt guys and gals. I can also teach riding on water and other complex stunts.
This person must have just seen the new movie Torque [Warner Brothers]. I haven't seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer, and you should, too! It looks really stupid, but fun, in a Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle [imdb], difficult if not impossible to maintain suspension of disbelief, extra-campy sort of way.

-(Cheers) generalist


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