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More^7 Taiwan

Hi folks,

Yet more Taiwan photos from Taroko Gorge.

A decorative marble lion. Apparently the Taroko / Hualien area was rich from days of antiquity because there was lots of marble to be quarried nearby. This is an example of the stone in a finished product.

Odd English-isms abound in Asia and in other places where the idea of English as the Lingua Franca of the 20th and 21st centuries holds sway, but many signs are literally translated. My guess is that they're never checked by native English speakers.

It's hard to capture trees, canyons, and greenery in any way so that the viewer of a photograph can appreciate the reality I saw when taking the picture. Still, I try, since this is spiritual nourishment to me and I want to share it.

An old iron hook. Yet another example of the remains of occupation of Taiwan by Japan.

Cheers! generalist

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