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Kragen Auto Parts SUCKS

I was in Kragen, needed to get a bunch of stuff. One thing I needed was dash panel bulbs. Turns out they didn't have an x-ref for it, since it was a motorcycle dash. I asked how late they were open (9pm), then went home and took it apart (a matter of minutes) to find out what kind of bulbs it used.

I arrived back at Kragen with my dead bulbs at 5 minutes before 9 (that's what the generated-by-Verizon clock on my cell-phone said). The light was on, employees (including the one who told me 9pm) were in there, but the front door was locked.

I held up my burned-out bulbs; the guy recognized me and said: "I'm sorry ,we're closed". I held the phone up to the glass and he saw it was before 9pm. He said "I'm sorry, I run off my clock, not yours, and mine says 9:05, ok? Last time we opened the door after closing we were robbed" I said "no, it's not," thinking "what a bullshit excuse"... and insulted to boot—he thinks I'm going to rob him?! That's not what I'd call customer service.

So I need to find an auto parts shop in SF or near environs that doesn't suck. Crossing a bridge every time I need a small part is not an option. Usually I need parts for my small japanese cars, or my small japanese bikes.

Any suggestions? Or, I suppose, you too can vent about how Kragen sucks.



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