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Diving in the Channel Islands


I went on a Truth Aquatics 2-day live-aboard diving trip to the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary this last weekend with my friend Peter, on the boat named Truth. This is cold-water diving, with full multilayer wetsuits, surface temperatures ranged from 56 DegF to 63 DegF, and bottom temperatures were typically about 52 DegF. Typical dives were to 45', and lasted between 40 and 60 minutes.

The trip itself was quite fun, though I had a cold the entire time, which meant I slept much more than I wanted to, and dived much less. Three dives total, on a 2-day live-aboard. But I did have a good time and a real vacation from work, as well as some good time with Peter. That was what this trip was all about.

Peter brought a complicated underwater photography rig for himself, and a more complicated, older and less-capable rig for me. It was my first time doing underwater photography, so I was not practiced, and unfortunately the equipment was quite balky. The flash on my rig almost never worked. Even so, I was happy to get a few decent shots. One here, and a few behind the cut:

still life - star and urchins

ocean as aquarium

feather stars

sea ???

peter and the rig

santa barbara oil rig

It was a good time, the people on the boat were uniformly friendly, happy and relaxed, which I can assure you from personal experience is not always the case. Several of them were doing (or teaching) the final part of their initial open-water certification, and a couple were doing their advanced certification course. There were a couple of hunters also, complete with nets, spear guns and determination—mostly to bring home some spiny lobsters. And of course there were tourists and photographers, like us.

Cheers! generalist

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