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Lost dreams - Life is strange... — LiveJournal

Jul. 3rd, 2007

11:07 am - Lost dreams

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[This posting was lost for a long time (many weeks), LJ restored it to me today]

Dream 1 (from night before last):

There was a killer on the loose in the hospital. I was investigating his methods via autopsy, forensics and also security camera recordings. It seems that he liked to cut one victim in half lengthwise (messy!), remove several ribs, and then use the ribs as heart-penetrating killing devices on a group of victims. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Somehow he operated entirely soundlessly and did not show up on security cameras at all. And it was not clear that he was human, perhaps he was some earlier incarnation of the Shrike. Ick.

Dream 2 (from last night):

Another company has bought and taken over the company where I currently work. I have been called into a conference room (practically speaking, a Star Chamber (also done as a rather decent movie (unrelated to the original milieu of the word): The Star Chamber). I am told that things have changed, and now I need to spend most of my work time spying on other employees and trying to ensnare them in anti-Company activities. Or else. In the dream, this was a big change from my previous job, and the change was distasteful in the extreme to me. That was it, fade to black.

On an unrelated note, the word milieu is commonly mis-spelled

Cheers! generalist

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