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"Fixing" lack of desire in females


This article, from last week's SF Chronicle, is about yet another potential aphrodisiac for women. The scientists working on it tested it in rats, and I especially liked this bit of writing from the story:

[it also] fomented sexual excitement in female rats, prompting them to wiggle their ears, hop excitedly, rub noses with males and otherwise display unmistakable hallmarks of rodent arousal.

Whether it works or not, we will still have that little gem to remember.

I wonder if there are good reasons that many women are not particularly sexually interested, much of the time? Could it be pheremonal overload? Population density? Prolonged sleep-deprivation? OTC drugs? Birth-control pills? Too much food availability? Simple aging? Constant worry and stress? "Beauty" products? Sedentary lives? Less-interesting potential (and actual) partners?

Maybe it's a flaw in experimental design. Or maybe it's always been there, and recent experiments are just finding it now because people have simultaneously lost enough of their prudery and gained enough anonymity that they are willing to construct, present and answer such research more honestly now than in previous years.


Cheers! generalist

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