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Two dreams and a word


Dream 1 (from the night before last):

There was a killer on the loose in the hospital. I was investigating his methods via autopsy, forensics and also security camera recordings. It seems that he liked to cut one victim in half lengthwise (messy!), remove several ribs, and then use the ribs as heart-penetrating killing devices on a group of victims. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Somehow he operated entirely soundlessly and did not show up on security cameras at all. And it was not clear that he was human, perhaps he was some earlier incarnation of the Shrike. Ick.

Dream 2 (from last night):

Another company has bought and taken over the company where I currently work. I have been called into a conference room (practically speaking, a Star Chamber (also done as a rather decent movie (unrelated to the original milieu of the word): The Star Chamber). I am asked to provide a comprehensive answer as to why the people currently working for me are working for me: what they do, how they perform, and what their strengths and flaws are. All to be done in a court-room style setting, with the employees under discussion in the jury box. Weird.

As an aside, the word milieu is quite commonly mis-spelled as mileau, I would guess due to the fact that even those with excellent English spelling skills still depend in part on using word sounds to figure out spellings.

Cheers! generalist

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