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Fast French train; more 'spell checker' follies - Life is strange... — LiveJournal

Apr. 3rd, 2007

08:05 am - Fast French train; more 'spell checker' follies

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Put on bigger wheels, fix the track and roadbed, apply 25k horsepower, and voila!, the world's fastest conventional (i.e. not magnetically-levitated, monorail, etc.) train. "French Train Sets Rail Record 357.2 Mph; that is pretty interesting. Why we do not have such a thing running between the SF Bay Area and the Los Angeles area yet is a matter of some pique and surprise to me.

I tend to notice grammar problems and typos in commercial prose. Here is a good example from that article (which by the time you read this may have been fixed):

Adjustments also were made to the new track, which opens June 10, notably the banking on turns. Rails were also treated to the wheels could would perfect contact, Cuccaroni said. The electrical tension in the overhead cable was increased from 25,000 volts to 31,000. [emphasis mine]

You can tell what they might have been saying, but this should still be embarrassing. Even the title needs help. Clearly, grammar checkers should be in wider use.

Cheers! generalist

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Date:April 3rd, 2007 06:14 pm (UTC)
We have the Acela Express here on the east coast between Boston and Washington DC. I was up on a platform wating for a friend when one snuck up on me at a high speed, probably in the 100-125 mph range since it was a long straight section. I wonder what the people on the bridge in the above picture felt...

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Date:April 5th, 2007 07:08 am (UTC)

Why not?

Why is the Key System dead?

How about the Red Car?

Why does Amtrak keep such a shitty schedule (except between DC and NYC)?
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