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Automatic yard watering


I want, I need automatic watering. It was made for me. We are renting a house, so all of that cool in-ground actually-plumbed stuff is out. It turns out that some pretty nifty hose-mounted automatic watering gear is now available. I bought this, it's cool and it works. The interface isn't even completely awful:

orbit sunmate 62032

But first I bought this:

orbit sunmate 62032

It is called Melnor Aquatimer Duo. You might think that it would have two timed outputs. But no, only one of those outlets is timed, the other one is manually-controlled. So, as required in any plumbing or plumbing-related project, I had to go back to the store. Thankfully, I had repackaged the unit so neatly that the "returns specialist" had no problem taking it back.

The one I bought is actually very much like the in-ground ones. The controller comes with two electrically-actuated valves, and the controller can control up to four valves. The valves look like this:

orbit sunmate valve

So I bought some of those, too.

I hope your pursuits are going well.

Cheers! generalist

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