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Some odd system changes in culture and thus news reporting


A couple of news stories have reminded me once again that all is not what it was when I was small. this news story, about laxative-laced doughnuts, would have never made the news in the 70s. This one just would not have happened.

I was listening to an interview of Cora Daniels, the author of Ghetto Nation, a book about the origin, meaning and use of the word: ghetto. Her contention is that glorification of the bad side of poverty is really terrible, and that it leads to behavior that prevents the huge majority of people that grow up in poverty from becoming successful. My contention is that we emulate what we think is ok... so glorification of fantasy violence begets violence in the real world, thus the story about the homicidally-aggressive ten-year-olds.

What do you think?

Cheers! generalist

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