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Quoting a co-worker


It has been said for a long time within and without my company that we are in a so-called elephant-hunting business. This means that we sell a few things per year, for a whopping sum of dollars for each thing. This is the polar opposite of the iTunes store. Today a colleague, as part of discussing the fact that the client base was better-educated than a few years ago, said: "There are elephants out there--but they are no longer lumbering."

In fact, this is exactly what we want; my company has gotten quite good at doing great things for the clients--things so great that the clients do not even understand what they have, and how it is better than the competition. The better-educated the client base is, the closer they will naturally be to operating in our thought-space, which in turn will make it easier to differentiate our offering from competitive ones. It's painful waiting for a market to grow up, and I'm always happy when I see signs that it is actually (finally!) happening.

Cheers! generalist

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