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Deli place for breakfast in Mountain View


Gf and I got up this morning and went to Amanor Deli for breakfast. It is in Mountain View on El Camino Real just logical-North of Castro.

It is run by a friendly Armenian couple, counter service only. I had the soujouk omelette, and gf had some other egg thing and a terrific almond paste and pear tart. Both of the egg plates came with yummy brown bread made daily at the deli. The soujouk in my omelette turned out to be a dry beef salami, spiced with Cumin, that I liked quite a bit. The almond/pear tart was absolutely perfect, neither gf nor I could think of how it might be improved. In particular, gf said that you could tell that the pears had been fresh before being made into the tart, because they still had just the right amount of slightly-crunchy goodness going on.

I liked it, perhaps you will as well. I want it to survive, please go there!

Cheers! generalist

Tags: food, life

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