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Letter from a neighbor

This is the text from a hand-written letter gf and I received from our next-door neighbor, a ~75 year old woman who we see carefully and constantly tending her roses. It is so filled with suburban expectations that it's funny. Of course, we do live in the suburbs, so I guess this is the sort of thing we should expect.

     there is room for 2 cars in front
of your home therefore I do not under-
stand why your auto is in front of
my home as much as it is.  the after-
noon sun creates a glare that makes
it difficult for me to sit in my front
room without putting the blinds down.
Please Keep your Auto in front of your
own home.

                    thank you
                         [neighbor's name]

What our neighbor does not say and apparently has not noticed is that there has been major construction going on on a house across the street for the past few months. The construction workers frequently park both their personal vehicles and large construction-related equipment in front of our house, giving us little alternative but parking in front of her house.

I hope you all have less picky neighbors.

Cheers! generalist

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