Mark (generalist) wrote,

An old joke for Pirate's Day

It's a day for Pirates. This joke sprang into my head from many years ago:

    A physicist, an engineer and a lawyer are the only survivors of a plane crash. They have washed up on a desert island, and the only way to get help is to get off the island. They can only just see a populated island in the distance, so swimming for it makes sense. There is nothing on the island but sand and sun--nothing to signal with, nothing to burn, and nothing to make a raft out of.

    There is a small problem, the island is ringed by the frequently-visible shapes of hungry sharks. The physicist declares that there is a possibility of evading the sharks, so the problem is solved. He sits down to cogitate. The engineer says that with some wood, or coconuts, or a spear... he could build things to distract, attract, kill or otherwise evade the sharks; but there is nothing of the kind, so he sits down to think. The lawyer says: "I'll swim to the other island, it'll be no problem." To the amazement of the others, the lawyer shucks off his clothing, enters the water, and swims to the other island. The ring of sharks parts for him.

    When he comes back with help, after thanking the lawyer, the physicist and the engineer ask him how he knew the sharks wouldn't harm him. His answer: "professional courtesy".

Cheers! generalist

Tags: joke
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