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New Powerbook battery replaces HCF-style one


So I got this letter from Apple Computer the other week. It said something like: "some of the batteries in the laptops we've sold over the last couple of years occasionally... rarely... catch fire in a big and serious way when they're near enough to your crotch to REALLY HURT." Ok, they didn't say that. But they did say that if I gave them the serial number of my fire-prone battery, they'd send me a replacement that was not fire-prone. I did, and they did, and now I have a brand-new battery that is hopefully not fire-prone.

It turns out they want me to return the fire-prone one, I guess that's ok. What I want to know is what they're going to do with it. Any ideas what they might do, other than just properly dispose of it (so boring)? Send it to Eskimos to use as a whale-blubber fire-starter substitute? Drop it into the ocean to boil a tiny bit of it?

Cheers! generalist

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