Mark (generalist) wrote,

Personals ads and divorce


I saw this in a personals ad today:

    Deal Breakers:
    -body piercings
    -shorter than 5'9"
    -drug user

Since I am soon to be divorced, I noticed. I'm sure I noticed it in much the same way that people shorter than 5'9" would have noticed the following line.

I've always looked at personals ads, ever since they were short and full of abbreviations like HPM, SWF and (a favorite) MGWPM. I've noticed a persistent disdain for women larger than about size 6, men shorter than about 5'9" (or shorter than 6'0", this one comes in a bimodal distribution), people with children, and divorced people. I've never understood the height thing, I have some understanding of the size thing, and I have no understanding of the divorce thing. I suppose I can understand if you're looking for a 24-year-old--divorce there often means the person is a flake. Bu plenty of sane, rational and loving people in their thirties have been through marriage and divorce, and as far as I can tell, are substantially better and wiser from the experience. But I also see both women and men in their thirties both requiring "single, not divorced or widowed" as their prospective mate's marital status... even some divorced people require this!


Cheers! generalist

Tags: rant

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