Mark (generalist) wrote,

About Dreams...


I have a few questions about dreams to ask of my avid and ardent readers [yeah, right]. Why don't we make this a meme: post this question and your results on your blog. I'll post mine in a bit.

Questions about Dreams:

  1. Do you remember dreams from most nights?
  2. What do you most often dream about? Sex, fight-or-flight, embarrassment, actual people you know, or what?
  3. Is the character of your dreams different when there are different environmental factors? Examples:
    • Sleeping with a lover vs sleeping alone.
    • Heavier or lighter bedclothes.
    • Clothed or naked.
    • Warmer or colder bedroom.
    • Sleeping at home vs in a hotel vs in a tent.
  4. Do you ever die in your dreams?
  5. If you die in your dreams, do you somehow hang around and keep experiencing the dream, or does the dream abruptly end?
  6. Post-death, hanging around, do you remain in your dead body or do you become an observer?
  7. If you remain in your body, does anything else happen or are you just stuck in a virtual tape-loop?
  8. If you become an observer, are you now suddenly omniscient, or do you just have a single viewpoint?
Looking forward to reading your replies.

Cheers! generalist

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