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I already knew this...


Compared with many others, my life has been pretty trouble-free and simple, full of opportunities (many of which I have squandered), etc. I can blame almost all failures in it on me, not on 'the system', my abusive parents, poverty, or whatever. It's all my fault. That's supposed to help? This test scored me as 'Average'. Looking back, and thinking about other people I know, I think it was pretty 'Easy'.

generalist's life has been 33% difficult.
Based on your family, money, political context, and personal situation -- during the important years of your development -- it appears generalist's life was AVERAGE. What does this mean?

Well, the "difficulty" of your life is a measure of how rough you had it. Relative to the world, you had a pretty normal childhood. You probably had a typical mixture of advantages and disadvantages. At one time the disadvantanges might've even seemed impossible to overcome. But look at you now!

I'm not sure what "success" means to you, but whatever it is, you can achieve it. When you do, it'll be very impressive.

This test tracked 1 variable How generalist compared to other people his age and gender:
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generalist scored higher than 54% on difficult
Link: The How Difficult Is Your Life Test written by chicken_pot_pie on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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