March 12th, 2008


Yowch! Holy Banking Rip-offs, Batman!


I just called up Banana Republic credit card services, since I have one of their cards and have needed to make a payment for a while. I already owe them late fees on this account because I've been too distracted by work and home life to deal.

When I called up, the automated system said that they could accept direct transfer from my bank account, via a 1-time authorization for ACH debit. ACH is short for Automated Clearing House, you can click here to read about it at WikiPedia. I thought: "cool, I don't have to find my stamps and write a check, or figure out my bank's bill-pay service." I decided to try it out. But, Whoa! When I selected the option they said: "this transfer will incur a transaction fee of ten dollars, do you want to proceed?" No, I did not, what a rip-off!

I think I'll go find some stamps.

Yours for better consumer education, I am generalist

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