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US Reps Make Grab for Power Over US Supreme Court


This one is scary. Apparently there is a bill that has been introduced into the US House of Representatives that would allow Congress to override rulings made by the US Supreme Court when deemed necessary. The speeches used to introduce the bill, particularly the first speech, used the specter of gay marriage, alleged to be a construct of judicial activism, as the leading end of this wedge to bring the Supreme Court more formally under the sway of Congress.

I see a little problem here. There's a reason for the traditional separation of powers, and this bill would abrogate it entirely. Fortunately, it has many people across the political spectrum up in arms. In addition, I think this bill itself would never be seen as constitutional, so its effect is moot. But the fact that some US Representatives are sufficiently exercised to sponsor such a bill certainly piques my interest. This is grandstanding of a very high order.

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