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The Economist on Love


I just opened up this week's issue of The Economist, my favorite periodical. This week's issue has a three-page article about the chemistry of love. It's absolutely fascinating, and I recommend you read it (and buy a subscription to the paper magazine while you're at it). But best for me was this gem, found on page 12:

    A St. Valentine's Day sonnet

    Love makes voles of us all

    A Shakespearian reaction to this week's science section

    Shall I compare thee to a prairie vole?
    Thou art more faithful and monogamous.
    Rough winds may blast thee, stress may take its toll
    And botox leave thy brow impervious;
    Sometimes too hot the eye of the heavens shines
    And oft thy sun-cream UV rays lets through;
    And every perfect pout at last declines
    Into a wrinkled spouse's sulking moue.
    But our strong love shall not its power lose
    While opioids keep us on the straight and narrow
    While oxytocin does its magic prove
    And vasopressin binds us one to other.

      So long as men can keep their hormones potent
      They'll be as romantic as that model rodent.

-(Love) generalist


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